District Court Update

"Mott, John M."
"Hunter Biden"
2010-04-12 18:03

Hi Hunter,


I don’t know whether you have had a chance to talk with Ron yet, but it appears that the “lay of the land” may be slightly different than I had been led to believe previously.  Keep in mind that nothing is explained to the candidates.  I had thought that all 4 vacancies on the District Court were presently in play at the WH.  It appears, however, that the three names for the 4th vacancy on the District Court have probably not yet been sent up from Congresswoman Norton to the WH.  As mentioned, my name was among nine that went up for the first three vacancies on the Court.  Although nothing has been announced, and I may never know, it looks like I probably came very close.  I am optimistic that my name will go up to the WH again when the names are sent for the 4th slot.  If they are very seriously considering me already, the timing could be good. 


As mentioned, I would be delighted to talk with Ron – in person or on the phone.  I know that he is a busy guy, but I am confident that he would appreciate my background and experience.


I am grateful for your support.  Thank you.


I hope that you and your family are well.  We’ll probably see you over at the Marcou’s in the not-too-distant future.


All the best,



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