Re: Next Wednesday in DC

"Neil Callahan"
"Marc X. LoPresti"
"Devon Archer", "Eric Schwerin", "Hunter Biden"
2010-09-09 13:54
Probably not, maybe we can head to dinner afterward for an extended chat.

But, to be honest, we won't be productive after 2 hours of focusing on one topic, which I think is typical for any group.

Perhaps Marc and I can prep prior to the meeting to tee up the key discussions points, what are options are (with details like pros and cons, priority rankings, etc.).  And Marc you can come with some key recommendations on ways we should be proceeding based on your experience and knowledge of the market.

We can send this as a pre-read say on Monday evening, so when we get in the room on Wed PM, we are all prepped and can work the items efficiently.

At the end of Wednesday we can determine if we need an additional work session.

What do you all think?



On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 1:47 PM, Marc X. LoPresti <> wrote:

Is 2 hours really enough time for this discussion?

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Hi guys,

We are a go for next Wednesday in DC, does 3:00-5:30pm work?

Devon and I will likely have a meeting ending around 2:30pm or so.



Neil Callahan
Rosemont Seneca Partners

Neil Callahan
Rosemont Seneca Partners