Re: Hey Hunter-it's your friend Leah Sydney

"Leah Sydney"
"Hunter Biden"
2011-02-25 16:36
Re: Hey Hunter-it's your friend Leah Sydney Thanks Hunter-please let me know his thoughts.
And please let me know when you are in LA again.
Thanks again,
Leah Sydney

On 2/25/11 11:32 AM, "Hunter Biden" <> wrote:

Thanks Leah. Good to hear from you. I'll forward on to Dad.  Hope all is well.  Best, Hunter.

R. Hunter Biden
Rosemont Seneca Partners

On Feb 24, 2011, at 10:38 PM, Leah Sydney <> wrote:

Hi Hunter,

We met before the election, in West Hollywood when your father was here.  I’m the friend of Antonio Villaraigosa and the cousin of Ian Alberg.  Remember-I put you on the phone with him.  I so enjoyed meeting you and lets stay in better touch.
You know that I am a fellow stutterer like your Dad. I’ve seen him subsequently and he knows about my project that I’m working on-and he absolutely said to keep him in the loop of all.
Can you make sure he sees this?  I hope you like it ..please let me know his thoughts.
Thank you Hunter.  I hope all is well.  Please let me know when you’re in LA again.
Leah Sydney <>

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