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Please see below from our ambassador to Ukraine.



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Tony and Larry:  As you know Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden was here on Friday to speak on Corruption and the Judiciary.  He was terrific. 


We had an overflow crowd at the Hyatt for the 90 minute presentation and “Q and A”, including the largest number of Members of Parliament we have attracted to our Ambassador’s Forum Speaker’s series.   Beau then attended a reception at the Residence where many of our Ukrainian colleagues had time to follow up with him in private conversation.  We received many compliments on his presentation and for simply bringing him to Kyiv for a frank discussion of a problem that still bedevils this country.  There was also a large group of young lawyers present, many involved with NGOs fighting corruption.   


I would appreciate it if you could let the Vice President know that his son really helped us here.  No exaggeration  – Beau’s visit was everything we had hoped for.