RSTP wire

"John DeLoche"
"Hunter Biden", "Devon Archer", "Eric Schwerin", "Rob Walker", "Neil Callahan", "William Lee"
2014-01-28 18:56

You should receive today a wire for 1/2 years management fees for the additional approximately $7mm GS invested with us last week.

Will and I had dinner with the management team last week and also had multiple discussion with GS. GS still wants to put the additional $16mm to work with us and we are talking to Counsyl about a potential step 3 that would make that happen. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in NY and DC next week.



John DeLoche
Managing Director
Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners
333 Bush Street, 21st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
office: 415 767 1288
mobile: 415 793 7070 

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