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2014-02-28 21:57
This is definitely impressive. I look forward to learn more about it. Have a great weekend.

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This is the fund I was telling you about- pretty big deal. I'm in AZ with my dad and brother for the wknd. Call you later- h


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The first cross-border M&A fund unveiled in Shanghai FTZ, Bohai Huamei.

2014-02-27 01:35:54


晨哨网特约记者 李关云 慕丽洁 上海报道



As a core test range for Chinese oversea equity investment, the Shanghai FTZ (China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone) finally welcomed its first cross-border M&A fund, Bo Hai Hua Mei.



Mr. Johnathan Li, president of Bohai industrial investment fund management (Bohai), informed the morning whistle exclusively that currently Bohai had been working with partners from China and foreign countries to organize a RMB-USD parallel fund of RMB 5 billion, Bohai Huamei(Shanghai) M&A equity investment fund. Now the management company of this fund, Bohai Huamei(Shanghai) equity investment fund management Co.,Ltd., has been successfully registered in Shanghai FTZ.



目前在自贸区申报的大概有30多家并购基金,我们是第一� �落定的。李祥生介绍,渤海华美由四家中外专业投资机构共同发起设立,发起人包括渤海产业基金、上海丰实金融服务有限公司(下称:丰实金融)、Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC (下称:Rosemont) Thornton Group LLC

“We are the first one finalized among over 30 M&A fund under application process in Shanghai FTZ ”, introduced Mr. Johnathan Li. Bohai Huamei is started and formed by four Chinese or international professional investment institutions, which includes Bohai industrial investment fund management Co.(Bohai), Shanghai ample harvest financial services Co.(Harvest), Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC Rosemont) and Thornton Group LLC.



渤海华美计划以有限合伙的形式,在全球募集50亿元人民币(包括25亿元的人民币基金和等值于 25亿元人民币的平行的美元基金),并将在全球范围内寻求投资机会,重点专注于欧美市场的并购项目投资——显然,两家外资公司将为渤海华美操作海外投资并购提供资源和渠道。



By mean of limited partnership, Bohai Huamei plans to raise a fund of RMB 5 billion globally (i.e., RMB 2.5 billion for the RMB fund and the USD equivalent of RMB 2.5 billion for the USD fund). Bohai Huamei will indentify cross-border M&A investment opportunities with an emphasis on M&A deals in Europe and U.S. Obviously, those two foreign partners will provide resources, channels and connections for oversea M&A deals to Bohai Huamei. Most importantly, the establishment of this new fund, is not only a milestone to Bohai on its internationalization path, but also a major breakthrough on marketization reform.



Johnathan Li said, in future Bohai Huamei would focus on huge internationally-influential M&A projects, and generally would not consider any M&A deals whose scale is lesser than USD 100 million only except they do possess special advantages.



He also emphasized that, strong support from Chinese SOE shareholders is highly helpful for Bohai Huamei while engaging with any huge M&A deal---there is no limitation on project investment size. Even for a mega-sized deal, as long as the feasible study and evaluation from all parties shows it is worthy, shareholders like China development BankBank of China and so on will provide loan to finalize the deal. This critical fact enables Bohai Huamei to carry out some super-sized deals unaffordable to other funds.   

2014-02-27 23:09 GMT+08:00 James Bulger <>:
We will need to google translate this Mike
The only thing I can read is the name of Rosemont and THORNTON
Which is pretty cool
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The first local reporting on our fund as above.

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