Re: Talking Points--Business Development Services Team Relentlessly Drives Portfolio Company Growth

"William Lee"
"Hunter Biden"
"Rob Walker", "John DeLoche"
2014-03-24 21:31
Hunter, thank you for taking the time to dial-in and standby.  The meeting went great.  As John was saying, they definitely appreciate you making the time and want to meet you in person in DC as a followup.

Hope the last few holes after the 13th went well for you.  Enjoy your time off in South Carolina.


On Mar 24, 2014, at 5:14 PM, John DeLoche <> wrote:

Morgan Stanely asked that we have them meet you as a follow up. Did not want to bother you on vaca. Thanks for making time!

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On Mar 24, 2014, at 4:34 PM, Hunter Biden <> wrote:

Are we NOT doing call?


On Mar 24, 2014, at 6:32 PM, John DeLoche <> wrote:


Thanks for taking the time to join us briefly for this meeting with Morgan Stanley.

We will likely have already talked about you, Rob and Eric running our Business Development Services Team as a key point of differentiation when we dial you in. It would be great if you could add some more color on the team and differentiation. On your team page we have added that your team's mandate is to "Relentlessly Drive Portfolio Company Growth." I suggest you stress the following:

1. We help our portfolio companies get new customers, both in government and the private sector (Tysons/ Cargills and government agencies in case of Metabiota, Insurance companies as is the case with Counsyl).
2. Public policy is tricky and we help our portfolio companies avoid public policy missteps and take advantage of opportunities--technology entrepreneurs are often telling us this is a blind spot for them. 
3. Driving international growth requires international public policy knowledge and relationships (Counsyl in China and Middle East this year)

We should also stress that your team provides these services free of charge to companies we invest in.

If they ask, you should say that your team is full time on this (which is why you are joining from vacation).

Thanks bro!


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