Fwd: follow up ideas

"Devon Archer"
"Hunter Biden"
2014-04-17 23:50

Devon Archer
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From: Vadim Pozharskyi <>
Date: April 17, 2014 at 4:02:40 PM EDT
To: Devon Archer <>
Subject: follow up ideas

Dear Devon, just few ideas to follow up the today phone call. Its really great that two Directors got along fine.

I really look forward them working together, it looks like ‘dangerous “mixture for the benefit of our company. With your energy –its deadly!!

As to tomorrow phone call, please advise in a few words as to how you see it, so we do have another good event. It will be yourself, HB and somebody from Boies, right?

Nikolay , kind of,  will invite them to cooperate, which directions for cooperation should they discuss?

Also, finance issue, will they discuss it? Or they will talk generally and you and I will work on details latter. You mentioned few figures, but we did not really discussed it.


Also, as to the plan to move forward within short term perspective.

As I have communicated A.K. is ready to conduct informal talks with everybody involved in Ukraine on behalf of Burisma. It’s very positive. Now we will start limited media campaign with you, and I believe it will bring good benefit.

As to the HB I do believe that we have to reach reasonable balance here. I realize fully that his role as well as role of AK is of long term perspective and taking into account the political weight of our Directors we have to “use’ their personality carefully and strategically wise, I do realize their vulnerability in this respect.

Therefore I kindly suggest to indeed now or after his father left our country just put him on our website without going for public camping. And then after we meet in May we agree on joint plan and move forward accordingly, with media campaign or without it, just concentrating on informal talks with relevant interested parties etc.  In some sense we cannot “hide” our directors.

Please have a thought about it before tomorrow phone call, it’s just my ideas now as I have not yet talked to Nikolay. (we both traveling now and do not use mobile phones for such conversations-))

And let’s discuss it tomorrow to take joint decision.


Thanks and have a good  day.



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