media issues, Kwasniewski announcement

"Vadim Pozharskyi"
"Mason Archer Yost"
"Hunter Biden", "Devon Archer"
2014-05-14 12:45
Media inquaires 14th of May.docx

Dear Colleagues,


Following the tension in the media last days I would like to coordinate few points with you and receive your instructions.


Nobody from our side comments the inquiries from the journalists.

All inquires we will forward to you for the feedback.

From our side we may only confirm the presence of board members, reiterate the text of press releases and direct those who inquire to current press release.

Please mind that after Mr. Kwasniewski announcement, we started to receive less inquires.

Those that were sent by email are attached.


If you consider that we have to take certain steps in western media to counter this situation, please advise.

If you consider that we have to hire professional PR person/company to do that, please advise, we are ready to consider.


Important: Mr. Kwasniewski today publicly announced his presence in the company.

Now we are putting his photo and bio on the website

I believe it’s very positive for the company and also it will cool down the tension that you are experiencing and will direct media attention from your side. Today it’s in all Polish media; probably tomorrow it will reach international press.

Few article are attached, its in polish. But using quick Google translation gives you an overall understanding.


Please advise as to whether we really should remove the interviews of Devon from the website.

Devon mentioned this idea in his sms. We could do that if you confirm that instruction.

Although please consider that it might have negative effect. Medial could say that some information disappeared from the website, meaning we are hiding something etc.


Best regards, Vadym