important issues

"Vadim Pozharskyi"
"Hunter Biden", "Devon Archer", "Mason Archer Yost"
2014-05-16 06:32

Dear colleagues,

Following series of our communications yesterday, let me inform you with the following.


Board meeting. Your suggestion for conducting Board meeting in Paris is accepted. I consulted with Nikolay and Alexander. Please note that for Alexander the 30th is preferable one. Please consider your logistics and we can proceed with organizational details.


Hiring lobbyists firm/individual.  We totally realize that unexpected degree of media attention to the events that happened and support the idea of engagement professional lobbyist organization that you had  suggested. Of course the terms and conditions of cooperation, tasks for them to perform and all the issues has to be discussed and agreed between us. I believe there could be different levels of cooperation with them. Starting with immediate and short term tasks and going forward with middle and long term strategy.


With regard to PR Company that you are suggesting to engage our position is pretty much the same.


Please let me know the exact time of the phone call and the numbers to dial.

Alan will join us. I will forward to him the dialing number.


Kindest regards, Vadym