Russian Agression Prevention Act

"Vadim Pozharskyi"
"Mason Archer Yost", "Hunter Biden", "Devon Archer"
2014-07-09 09:02
Act sec 306.docx

Dear  Heather and all,

Would like to go back to our discussions regarding your meeting with senators and /or staff members and talks about Russian aggression Prevention Act of 2014.

Could you update me as to the prospects of that act to be adopted?

I went through it recently and would like to bring back your attention to the section 306, called European and Eurasian energy independence.

In case the  chances for it to be adopted soon are high, maybe we should consider meetings/discussions  with  authors of the bill and with representatives of the key players mentioned in that section, USAID, TDA and OPIV. Since Burisma and our new Association could be ideal partners for all kind of projects that may come out as the result of the Bill coming into force.


Look forward for your comments, Best , vadym


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