And he woke and he saw the sky and it was blue and

"Hunter Biden"
2015-05-25 18:37
And he woke and he saw the sky and it was blue and endless. And he was alone. And this was as it was. And this was as it should be. The sky. The endless sky. And all that came before and all that would come after was the dream. The pool of blood. The blood all of that leaking. To what end ? 

Here is where it began. The high plains. The endless sky. The herds of bison in their multitude dominating the land as was their destiny. And there I am sitting at my fathers side. I lean against his arm and the fire warms us. There is a woman tied to a post. She is white place like a ghost. She frightens me. My father hands me the knife. Each of his guard has released themselves inside her. Now I take the knife stand and take her scalp as she screams. I do not hesitate. The blood pours from her her head. I think of the bison- as they snort their last breath. Her blood is warm on my hands. I taste it. It is sweet and light. It makes me feel light. I am proud. I have drunk the blood of a ghost and lived. 
I am a warrior and I will drink the blood of a thousand ghosts. That is my destiny. The black blood turns red and clouds at my feet. From this moment on I am Red Cloud. I will wash my people in the red cloud of of the ghosts and will be forever vanished from the earth, but I will remain  - and the moment of ALL 
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