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"Kathleen Biden"
"Hunter Biden"
"Debbie Schechter"
2015-08-14 16:37
I wish I didn't have to write all of this in emails. The girls are not going to the Hampton's. You were drinking both times you came to the lake to see girls. Whether or not you are also doing drugs, I don't know. I only know what you told me. You told me when you drink now it escalates. You told me if you started drinking again it would kill you. I feel like you are torturing me. You keep not answering the basic question - are you drinking? If you are saying that drinking isn't a problem long as you haven't done any drugs you're ok? I can't accept that. Sent from my iPhone > On 14 Aug 2015, at 8:24 am, Hunter Biden <> wrote: > > I spoke with Dr.O'Brien- I am meeting him in Philadelphia on Monday at 11:15AM. He was under the impression that I am "using" based on his conversation with you not "just" drinking. I told him I would submit to a drug test when I got to his office so there was no doubt about the fact that I am not using. I also told him I would abide by whatever his recommendation was. As for the girls coming here that's not his decision nor did he seem comfortable in anyway of getting in the middle of that. He is an addiction doctor not a family counselor. > I would like the girls to be here. I will only discuss my issues not "our" issues. I have never said a negative word about you to them in my entire life. Again I have no car- I am here with Rob Beth their kids Hallie Hunter Natalie and the secret service. Not allowing them to come seems like you are punishing me. And this is not said out of anger but the reality is that it's not your decision alone to make. I realize that if you still disagree the only way I can overcome that is by putting them in the middle of this and I won't do that. So please if you are not going to be at the lake anyway I would really like for them to be here. > > RHB > 202.333.1880 > >> On Aug 13, 2015, at 9:23 PM, Kathleen Biden <> wrote: >> >> Talk to Dr O'Brien. His cell is (215) 287-5604. Ask him if he thinks I should send the girls. >> >> Did you talk to girls about anything while you were here with them for two days? >> >> We do need to talk to the girls but not you talking to them alone in the Hampton's. They know more than we realize and they are scared. We should talk to them with Dr O'Brien. I already spoke to Dr O'Brien about bringing the girls in when we get back. >> >> Ask Dr O'Brien if you should travel here to see girls. I will follow whatever he suggests. I'll fly with the girls to DC or Philadelphia If he think we should. >> >> I have spent my time looking for advice and guidance on how to help you and the girls. >> >> I'm going to see Naomi tomorrow. I don't want to cancel because I don't want to upset her. We'll be back Sunday night. We can fly back east as early as Monday. >> >> I LOVE YOU >> >> >> >> Sent from my iPhone >> >>> On 13 Aug 2015, at 6:27 pm, Hunter Biden <> wrote: >>> >>> I will go meet with Dr. O'Brien on Monday and abide by his recommendation. Uncle Jim will come with me. Until then I would still very much like for Finn and Maisy to be here this weekend. Rob Beth and 16 secret service agents are here. As well as 6 kids and two Nannies. I will not drive or even be alone with them w/o another adult if that is what you want. But if I go into a program Monday if that's what Dr. O'B suggests then I want to be able to talk to them about it directly. There is no question about their safety and you will not even be at the lake to be with them over those days. It's 3 days- and then Pop could fly them back out for Maisy's birthday or if you don't want that they could simply fly back on their own. There is no way for me to prove I'm sober or even a reason to try to do so. So if it requires me going into a program or regular sobriety tests or whatever Dr. O'B says I will do. But please let me be with them to explain what is going on and that I am not simply choosing to miss Maisy's birthday or that It is my choice not to have them here with me or be there with you. >>> >>> RHB >>> 202.333.1880 >>> >>>> On Aug 13, 2015, at 2:29 PM, Kathleen Biden <> wrote: >>>> >>>> Do you admit drinking yesterday? >>>> >>>> Sent from my iPhone >>>> >>>>> On 13 Aug 2015, at 1:27 pm, Hunter Biden <> wrote: >>>>> >>>>> I don't have any missed calls from Uncle Jim. I will call him. I will go see Dr. OBrien when I return from Buccini's on Monday and he can assess my sobriety. How could he diagnose me based on a phone call with you and you haven't seen me in a month. >>>>> >>>>> RHB >>>>> 202.333.1880 >>>>> >>>>>> On Aug 13, 2015, at 2:11 PM, Kathleen Biden <> wrote: >>>>>> >>>>>> I spoke to Dr O'Brien at Charles O'Brien Center for Addiction. He said you will die if you don't stop. You were drinking at the lake - you were drinking yesterday. Dr O'Brien is ready, today, to get you into a program. You said you would do it. >>>>>> >>>>>> I spoke to Uncle Jim. He tried calling you and you didn't pick up. You want to see the kids, call Uncle Jim. >>>>>> >>>>>> I'm not allowing girls to go because that was what Dr O'Brien told me. >>>>>> >>>>>> Call Uncle Jim. Go to see Dr O'Brien. You need help. >>>>>> >>>>>> Sent from my iPhone >>>>>> >>>>>>> On 13 Aug 2015, at 12:54 pm, Hunter Biden <> wrote: >>>>>>> >>>>>>> So you are going to CA and leaving the girls at the lake alone- rather than allowing them to come be with me- driven by secret service- to the Buccini's house for two days where Rob and Beth and their 4 children and Hallie and Natalie and Hunter will be. All unilateral decisions based on your ultimatum that we separate for the summer. You asked to separate having nothing do with my sobriety- and now from afar not having spoken to me for more than 3 minutes by phone (remember you demanded we not speak to each other except through a therapist) you have decided I am not capable of being with my children. I don't know what to do. >>>>>>> >>>>>>> RHB >>>>>>> 202.333.1880 <?xml version=.0" encoding=TF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> <plist version=.0"> <dict> <key>conversation-id</key> <integer>67994</integer> <key>date-last-viewed</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>date-received</key> <integer>1439581082</integer> <key>flags</key> <integer>8590195985</integer> <key>remote-id</key> <string>207812</string> </dict> </plist>

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