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"Hunter Biden"
2017-03-15 19:00
I asked Erik to give me the income that I 110% could rely on now coming through this is his response:

"110% absolute income now is $225K a year from Burisma. (That is if you split the $500K 50/50 with Devon.  I am deducting $25K from your $250K because you have approx. $2K in expenses through Owasco, PC.)  

As for potential income, I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying you can for sure make more than $62,500 a month by mid-2017.  That equates to $750,000 on annual basis.  (I believe you can do better but if it is a question of going to jail or not I think $750,000 is the right number."

My ability to secure new business now is incredibly difficult and in my line of work this is the season to pick up clients so once we hit April May it's even more difficult. To make it from here to there i'm relying on to uncertainties the first is a windfall from citizens are asked the mound of four to $600,000 and hustling to maintain the few remaining and maybe pick up A couple more. If I knock it out of the park and make $2 million next year almost the entire tea of my share to go to servicing debt.

And This is everything ( see below ) which they already know. 

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From: Eric Schwerin <>
Date: March 15, 2017 at 5:41:18 PM EDT
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Subject: Owasco, LLC ownership interests/project descriptions

Rosemont Seneca Advisors (Owasco, LLC owns 75%) holds equity in:

  • Harves Group: 5% in Harves Amusement Parks, initially 6 Parks to be opened in China in a JV with China Development Bank and Parques Reunidos, one of the largest amusement park companies in the world.  Also includes Ownership in Harves Sports and Entertainment which has signed an LOI to partner with Kobe Bryant on a series of academies in China.  
  • Africa Business Development (ABD) Projects:  30% of ABD’s interest in six Energy, Infrastructure and Healthcare projects in Western Africa.

RSP Investments (Owasco, LLC owns 75%):

  • RSPI is the Broker-Dealer.  It owns no equity but obviously has potential for success fees from underlying projects. Currently, success fees are funding expenses.

BHR (once share transfer is complete Owasco, LLC will own 7.5%)

  • BHR owns interests in companies such as Didi, Henniges and other Chinese and Overseas (U.S., Australia, Europe) investments.

Eudora Global (Owasco, LLC owns approx. 3%):

  • CitizensRx: A pharmacy benefits management company 35% owned by North Carolina Blue Cross/Blue Shield. 
  • ePlata: A mobile payments company focused on providing cross-border remittances to the unbanked (FYI, Owasco, LLC owns an additional 5.25% of ePlata).
  • LineUp Media: A media company focused on podcasting, streaming internet content and original filmed content.

Tadich Grill (Owasco, LLC owns .75% of a share):  The DC location of a San-Francisco, CA restaurant.

RSTP I, RSTP II Alpha and Bravo (ownership percentages vary but approx. 15% each):  Investment vehicles for ownership in Counsyl a genetic testing company.

Equity Distribution Trust (not sure of ownership percentage): Trust vehicle to share in legal cases referred to Beau.  We believe that they have all paid out and there shouldn’t be anymore distributions.  However, it is possible there could be minimal distributions in future years.  There hasn’t been an audit of pending cases.

Rosemont Realty (not sure of ownership percentage):  Interest has been sold.  We believe all distributions have been made, but there may be a remaining hold-back amount to come.  It would be minimal.

American Well (not sure of ownership percentage):  Shares held in start-up technology company delivering telemedicine.  

Please Note:  Owasco, LLC owns 75% of Skaneateles, LLC and many of these ownership entities are held via Skaneateles.  But they ultimately all pass through to Owasco, LLC.  

Eric D. Schwerin
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