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2017-09-18 13:47
Let them know that I need to see this shit not Eric 

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Subject: 答复: registered capital payments

Discussed the registered capital payments with the SAIC, Bank of China (as the beneficiary bank where our account is maintained and where capital verification is conducted), given that RSB has been dissolved already in the US (and therefore unable to make the payment in its own name to BHR) but it is still recorded as the registered shareholder of BHR in China with the SAIC, we will need to first proceed with the shareholder amendments and then have each new shareholding entity (i.e., Ulysses, Skaneateles and Thornton) make remittances on their own behalf.  In this case, we will make the loans once the amendment process has been completed (to avoid unnecessary interest). 


In the future, please don’t cancel or de-register or change the name of your entities without letting us know first.






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Jimmy, Devon and Eric,


Attached is an excel spreadsheet of BHR’s registered capital situation, Columns F and G show respectively the outstanding amount in RMB and USD from each shareholder, “Column I” shows the amount of loan to be made to your respective entities (which includes a 3% upwards fluctuation in the exchange rate), I need your assistance on the following:


1.       please provide the bank account into which the loan is to be transferred with all the wire transfer details,


2.       Devon and Eric, your situation is slightly more complicated, we will transfer the loan amount to your respective accounts (so there is a funding trail to evidence the loan) but I will need Eric to forward the money to Devon so that Devon can make a consolidated transfer on behalf of both Ulysses and Skaneateles but under the name of Rosemont Seneca Boahi, LLC (this is because RSB is still the registered shareholder with the Chinese authorities, otherwise, the bank cannot process the incoming transfer as BHR’s registered capital)


3.       Devon / Jimmy, when you make the transfer to BHR, the sender MUST BE the same shareholder as that is currently registered with the Chinese authorities, i.e.,


a)         Thornton Group LLC (for Jimmy)


b)        Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC (for both Ulysses and Skaneateles) (Ulysses and Skaneateles’ registered capital must be sent together under the Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC name)


4.       Upon receipt of the full amounts, we will undergo the required “registered capital verification” and then we will process the split of shareholding into Ulysses and Skaneateles when we file for the shareholding amendments with the SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce)