two wires and our first major launch that will set us free

"Jim Biden"
"Biden Robert"
"Robert Biden"
2017-10-02 18:13
Hunter, tomorrow could be a life changing event for both of us in a very positive way. Britt has all the documentation prepared and will have the document to us for your and the Chairman’s signature and they will countersign. I realize we are both under a great deal of pressure. Yourself especially. I am extremely sensitive to your situation and I am very understanding. However, as we discussed I promised Sara there would be two payments in succession, the end of September and beginning of October, and she is asking me when they are hitting. As we discussed, I told her we would be getting 1/2 of the full payment of $165,000 ($65,000 plus $17,500, which equals $82,500) twice. That is end of September and again beginning of October. I don’t know how you want to treat the $17,500. Maybe you could treat that as Sara’s salary? So she was expecting $165,000 total to be wired in within the next several days. The last thing I want to do is create more pressure. But I have past due obligations (as I am sure you do) in addition to the $90,000 in deductible that has to be met before any money will be paid by insurance for Irma damage to Keewaydin and irreparable damage is done now. I sent this to you yesterday, but I’m not sure if you got it. If you received already I apologize. I am including our bank’s wiring instructions again in an excess of caution so you will have it. In the future, we can take the administrative burden off of you (and I) for this and other things previously handled by Eric. Wiring Instructions: Beneficiary: James Biden Lion Hall Group 27 Raynham Road Merion Station, PA 19066 PNC Bank Routing Number: 031000053 Lion Hall Acct Number: 8602475624 Branch Address: Montgomery Ave. Narberth PA Try to get some rest and I’ll do the same. I didn’t sleep at all last night and I fucking miserable. Tomorrow is another day. I love you Uncle Jim f����*'�G�r�b��� 6�b������)�W��4�<�O]?�Ca��� 0j�ey�&�4ó�뢗��"��tv�i�+-��슉��؜�G�r��z��*'���{(����]x��נz��֭zV�������좞נz�?�{^���{'Z���q�y��{(����^t����~��{^���{'�j ?�좞נz�9�M:�5�)�z���zj-z'�쬶���~y��-�)��؜��e�

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