"Alexandra Rotaru"
"Robert Biden"
2018-11-20 12:07
There it was, the empty house. I knew he invited me to his new apartment just to play with my head and body. Perhaps he did not lie when he said he wants me to design it, but there was also a hidden message in that invitation. I knew it deep down the mere fibers of my being and I just had to say "Yes." I wanted to see him too. I would lie to myself if I would say I only wanted to see him... there was so much more I wanted to do...

He said 7 pm sharp and gave me the address. I was fidgeting around the house, not sure what to wear, not sure if this would be appropriate. Not sure of anything anymore. All I could think of... was his voice... that rough voice that almost commanded me to come. To come to him.

I started to look into my wardrobe and picked up a formal dress, all black, nothing too fancy, nor too sexy. I was not sure of his motives yet. But ... underneath I was wearing delicate lace lingerie, that looked innocent and naughty at the same time, all on dark burgundy red finished with a garter belt and stockings attached to it. I went for black patent leather stilettos to complete the outfit.

I grabbed my laptop and bag and went for the door, when I realized I was in such a hurry I forgot to put on perfume. Got it out from my purse, my usual Thierry Mugler - Womanity and sprayed it on me more than I could take. I was so nervous. 

I thought for a second whether I should call a cab or drive there myself. Being so nervous, anything could happen, thus I decided better not to drive and call a cab instead. The driver arrived 5 minutes later with the black cab I ordered. I grabbed my keys, closed the door and promised myself I'll sleep in my own bed tonight... though I knew I could always break that promise when it came to him. 

Half an hour later I arrived at the address he gave me, my legs shaking and my mind telling me I should turn around, leave New York and never return. But my body was compelled and wanted to see him, so I obeyed my desires and ignored my instincts. 

I pressed on the inter call and the door opened. I took a deep breath and went on for the elevator. His apartment was at the 29th floor. The last floor you could go to... The last road to Hell. 

The elevator took me directly to the apartment, I had no idea it was a penthouse. He did not provide me with all the details.. I walked in, trembling, the whole place was empty, 
no furniture, nothing at all... just like my soul. And he was standing right in front of a door, a door that led to the Kitchen I supposed, as he was holding 2 glasses and a bottle of wine in his hand. Dark Red wine as my own dirty desires.

Looking ravishing as he always does. He was wearing an open white shirt, his tie was off and you could notice things that should be forbidden to display, firm muscles tensed as I was tensed in parts of my body I did not know existed.

I could barely say hi... as I went towards him. He leaned in and kissed my cheek in a very informal manner. That was the end of the promise I made to myself to sleep in my own bed and I knew it just then. 

"I suppose you did not have any trouble finding the address." he said, smirking at me.. Of course he would start with a line like that, he likes me being off edge. And he knows I like his arrogance and his bad-boyish look. 

"I did not. I took a cab." I added. and he saw my need to take a deep breath of air. 

"I am happy to see you" he said, changing the tone of voice, going for a calmer, more seductive one. 

And I just melted. Of course I was happy to see him too, but was it safe to say it?
He was playing to win and I was playing to lose. 

"I know I said this meeting would be all professional, but I just felt the need to bring this wine along, I hope you don't mind" he continued. 

"No, it is okay. At least, I am not driving back on my own." and I knew I was not going back at all.  

"I can see you have a lot of space in here, and the ceiling so high, it gives you the liberty to choose from a variety of styles... If I would own such a place, I would most certainly go for an Industrial style with a bit of glamour accents. Like the Loft kinda thing..." I said looking up to the ceiling and trying to understand why would someone need such a big place to live in by himself. Men and their toys. 

&q uot;I like your idea... we can start from there" he interrupted my rail of thoughts by getting even closer to me, inch by inch. I was feeling intoxicated with his scent, but I loved it. 

"... or we could start..." he continued, and started touching my hand softly climbing up towards my collar bone. The feeling was electrifying. 

"...right this way." he said so sure of himself, like I was his little prey waiting on him to devour me. I tried to stay focused on whatever sane thought I still had inside my head, but when he leaned so close to my ear, all my defenses crumbled. 

"cause I know you want it as bad as I do, every single fiber of your body tells it to me." he added, and I could feel his need in those words. Could I deny it? Could I say no? I wanted to say no, but my body was at war with my mind. And the last of them was losing. 

I turned to face him, trying to get a hold of myself. This was supposed to be strictly business, when did we cross the line? "I think you are mistaken..." was all I could get a grip on, because his index finger was on my lips, telling me to hush. He leaned on and with his hand on my chin he pressed a deep wet kiss, and I wanted to respond, God knows how bad I wanted to respond. But instead I took a step back and pretended I was shocked by what just happened. 

"I don't think you got yourself the right picture... I do not think you can assume you know my desires, and I can assure you the only reason I am here is the discussion regarding the apartment." I said, trying to look cool. 

But I saw it on his face that he knew better. With a confident step and an arrogance that rocked the building he came near me again and made me swallow all of my previous words. 

"You can assure me all you want Lex, I am not the one needing reassurance, your eyes betray you, your lips tell me how bad you wanna kiss me, your body arches so that it can feel the touch of my skin and I am sure as hell that your pussy is fucking wet for me right as we speak!" he said nonchalantly.