Re: ACH etc

"Robert Hunter"
"Edward Prewitt"
2018-12-20 17:56
Please change address to 1209 Barley Mill rd
Wilmington de 19807
Also leave the account ending in 5858 open and put any ACH on that account until Katie can close them.

On Dec 20, 2018, at 11:40 AM, wrote:


I have included Hunter on this email as well as he asked us to stop ACH's as well.

Katie you will need to go to each of the auto pay entities and stop them from pulling as we did not initiate them, they were set up by either you or Joan before you.  The only one that is set up form here is the ACH each month to Kathleen for alimony.  We will cancel that ACH.  We can also close all these accounts except the xxxx-4929 RH Biden Resourse account (5858 DDA) .  You will need to make sure that any payments that come in to the accounts on a monthly basis (Burisma) is redirected to where ever you want it to go, if it is xxxx-4929 RH Biden Resourse account (5858 DDA) you need to let them know as we will close all other accounts.

Accounts to close:
Skaneateles xxxx-3712,
Owascso PC xxxx-1208,
Owasco LLC xxxx-1553,
Rosemont Seneca Advisors  xxxx- 1664,
Hunter Biden Individual xxxx-0965,
Maisy 529 xxxx-5089, in order to liquidate this account our only option is to send a check to the address on file.  If this is want you want us to d and where to send we will need a verbal confirmation from Hunter.
Robert Hunter Biden FBO/
Roberta Mable Biden
9534 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3134
Finnegan 529 xxxx-5035,

If we close these accounts the auto ACH payments will stop and will have to be redirected by you and we will have no way to know what is being missed or not paid, like, for example:
nationwide insurance
WF Bus Credit payment
Porsche loan payment

Thanks much.

Edward E. Prewitt, CFP®
Managing Director – Investments

217 East Dickson Street | Suite 101 | Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
Tel 479.521.2200 | Toll Free 800.521.5762 | Fax 479.521.0855

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Subject: ACH etc

Hunter will/has the $40k (ish) money being wired in from CBD bank to the PC account. He has asked me to block/cease all ACH payments so he can look/prioritize where that money goes. Can you help me with holding all ACHes, please? Thanks.

-- Katie

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