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2010-04-13 08:58
Let's discuss...

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Danny O'Brien called.  Sen. Menendez is U.S. Chair of the above group.  Spanish members include CEOs of the major banks - Banco Santander, etc, Iberdrola, Spanish Rail, etc.  Amb. Solomont is a big supporter and JRB went to speak to group in Boca when a Senator.

Having their annual meeting in DC in July.  Spanish Foreign Minister attends.  Danny wants to explore with you possibility of getting VP to host event at NAVOBs for group.  Maybe even an appearance at a reception at a hotel.  I'll get more info and we can discuss with Danny next week.  I think Solomont mentioned your interest in Spain and that is why Danny is calling us.

Sounds interesting.  Let's discuss.  Probably don't want to mention to Transatlantic in case we can't deliver though I guess.

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