Jeff Cooper - China/India Market Access Fund

"Eric Schwerin"
" Archer", " Biden"
2010-08-27 17:17
Jeff Cooper called me today and wanted to talk about putting together a potential $100m fund which would be used to invest in companies looking to expand into China and India.  For example, Bick Group is looking to do so and need some capital. Jeff believes that would be a great investment because we already know that they are likely to get a big contract in China.

Pretty much a blind pool for client opportunities but specfically focused on companies looking to expand into China and India.  Probably doesn't go anywhere, but he'd be interested in partnering with us on it.  I think he has a lead on some small amounts of capital and interest from some people in China and India (Xiaoying and Ravi would help out), but it would require our help raising money for it.  I think it would be a RSP/Eudora fund and we would have at least 50% of the GP (probably could get more than 50% too).  Jeff needs a lot of help because he has know idea how to handle the fund mechanics but wants to talk to us about it.  

Falls into the category of we should have a conversation with him about it, see if we are interested and if we aren't, tell him and move on.

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