Nine Holes Anywhere Fall Down Classic Oct 22nd 2:00pm Everything you need to know (see list of confirmed players at the end)

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2011-10-14 17:55
NHA Fall Down Classic RSVP & Team List 2011.xls




1202 Stockford Road

Chadds Ford PA 19317

Bill Cell: 610-425-1400


Rain Date: Saturday October 29th (I will send out an e-mail by 11amE on the 22nd if weather is an issue).



-If you own a set of my mallets please offer an extra to someone you know may need one.

-Mark your mallets with tape or something with your name on it to be safe.

-I will have lot's of extra mallets too so if you don't have one ask around but it's okay to show up empty handed. We should have plenty.

-I will provide the balls.


What else to bring:

-$.  If your ball goes down the foxhole on #12 (literally) or down the groundhog hole on #18 you must put $5 in the pot to get a new ball (1 stroke penalty and tee off again). There will also be betting on the finals so $ from the Foxhole/groundhog hole pots also go in that pot ($20 to buy a team for the finals if you care to participate so min $5-$10 and max $25-$30 needed per player).


-Booze and mixers: I will have beer, soda and water on the course (and some food). If you want anything other than these beverages please bring everything with you. There will be cups.



-Please try to team up with someone from the list in advance of the tournament and let me know.

-Please let me know if you would like me to find you a partner vs teaming yourself up.

-Please also try to choose a foursome or six-some you would like to play with and have one person confirm with me. I will accept 5 groups of six as a 1st step and then groups of 4 so figure out who you want to spend the afternoon with and I will lock in the groups. Ideally I would like to have almost everyone assigned to a hole for the shotgun start before you arrive.



-Arrive at 2pm, review rules and get hole assignment.

-Better ball partners: Both players play their own ball. The best of the 2 scores goes on the card

-Shotgun start

-3 Holes practice

- 2nd Shotgun start (Please wait for 2nd shotgun start to begin official play)

-18 Holes of competetive play.



-The 18 teams with the lowest scores advance to the finals.

-Alternate shot sudden death. ex: One team member drives and the other hits the next shot. Alternating continues till there is a winner. A team is disqualified if they shoot out of order. ex: if a player putts to finish a hole they cannot drive on the next hole.

-Play will begin on #16 (old #7 off the hay bail).

-All 18 teams will tee off (1 tee shot per team). 9 will go 1st and putt out and then the next 9 tee off and putt out (so too many balls don't clutter the hole).

-Only the lowest scores advance to the next hole. ex: If seven teams get birdies they all advance to #17. If someone gets a hole in one and no one else can match it we have a winner.

-Sudden death on #18 upper tees until a winner is determined (if we make it to #18)




-Individuals may bet $20 on a team in the finals.

-When a winner is determined the pot is split betweeen anyone betting on the winning team.


TIMING: We do not have an after-party with the ladies planned for this event (we will in the Spring). I'm guessing we will be done no later than 6:00pm and maybe earlier if you need to get somewhere.



-All holes are par 3.

-If a ball hits another player's ball you must play the ball from where it lies but the other player can move their ball back to where they were when hit (roughly). You may mark your ball or ask players to mark.

-You must putt out if you are within a mallet length of the flag-pin.

-Lost ball is a 1 stroke penalty and you must go back to the tee.

-If your ball goes out of bounds (under a bush, in poison ivy, in the thick grass) you can play the ball or take a 1 stroke penalty and take a drop no closer to the hole from where it went OB.

-Throwing a ball or a mallet is a one stroke penalty.

-There is no penalty for hitting a tree, utility box or anything on the course.

-On #18 if your ball goes over the edge of the hill you must go to the drop area. Even what appears to be a playable shot cannot be hit once the ball rolls off the flat "green" area onto the bank/hillside. In bushes or under the holly tree are playable or you can take a 1 stroke penalty and go back to the drop area. Down the groundhog hole is a one  stroke penalty, $5 fine and go back to drop area.

-All scores must be marked clearly on your scorecard, totaled and signed before turning in.

-Please don't strike anything other than a ball with your mallet. The heads are tough but ding up easily.


-Players are welcome to bring golf carts again but please be safe.


Rod Maroney 1 yes Ganc Maserve
Ran Barton 1 yes Rossi Wellons
Bill Dugdale 1 yes Wick Lee
Carter Lee 1 yes Perny Hershey
Tad Hershey 2 yes Matter Terrell
Chuck  Simpers 1 yes Pilson Chitty
Eli Sharp 1 yes Yeatman Donohue
David Larned 1 yes Fox Hebert
Laird Bunch 1 yes William Phillips
George Hobbs 1 yes Regis Si
Sam  Hobbs 1 yes Todd B Will Lunger
Mike Donohue 1 yes Scheid Sharp
Nick Ganc 1 yes Barton Tony Lunger
PJ Yeatman 1 yes Dugdale Plumb
Porter Schutt 1 yes Davis Davis
Brock Vinton 1 yes Schutt Holden
Tony Mottola 1 yes
Andy Maserve 1 yes
Matt Perny 1 yes
Tom Lee 1 yes
Ari Abel 1 yes
Will Lunger 1 yes
Tony Lunger 1 yes
David Pra goff 1 yes UNDECIDED
Conrad Langenegger 1 yes John Simon
Tim Jones 1 yes Stephan Schlobach
Richie Jones 1 yes Ford Draper ?
Matt Terrell 1 yes Ben Ledyard ?
Charles Chitty 1 yes *maybe dinner Mark Smolko
Lew Ledyard 1 yes Dan Hogan
Don Robitzer 1 yes Lee Trainer ?
Steve Fox 1 yes Randall Attix ?
Dick Caroon 1 yes Tailor Rayford
Todd Buonocore 1 yes Ian McConnel ?
Michael Pilson 1 yes John Simon ?
Tony Cadwalader 1 yes Elliott Jennings ?
Jack Wick 1 yes Hunter Biden
Brandon Biery 1 yes John Sellars ? Anyone have John Sellars e-mail
Mike Ashley 1 yes John Goodall
Drake Cattermol 1 yes Beau Biden,
Steve Marvin 1 yes Cole Flickinger
Blain Phillips 1 yes Chris Winburn ?
Richard Corkran 1 yes Josh Tondery
Bob Bolling 1 yes Joe Sailor
Brian Gilday 1 yes Will Medford
Brian Marvin 1 yes Zeke Mackey
Herbie Matter 1 yes Jeff Dietz m
Tim Hathaway 1 yes Bob Watson
Chris Buccini 1 yes Tripp Weir
Sam Schied 1 yes <FONT size=

Date/Time is diplayed as UTC -03:00

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