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2014-03-18 21:31
Well of course we know Bill and Richard. I was not aware of this name. They have had several interesting businesses over the years, from oil exploration in china to setting up windmills on old oil rigs. What are they up to now?  Good guys. 

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Thanks. The Pytrole group is Richard Pries and Bill Miller- they mentioned they knew you and your father well.


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Hi Hunter


Sure I remember Eric.  Let me think about it.  I am mostly focused on US based energy opportunities, but let me think about it.


Did anything come from the meeting on China and possible interest in Oregon LNG?


Never heard of Pytrole Energy.






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I hope you are well.  A colleague of mine recently approached us about an opportunity for U.S. oil and gas exploration firms to bid oil concessions (both onshore and offshore) in the Ivory Coast.  I met with the Prime Minister a number of months ago and at the time he told me that Ivory Coast was very interested in getting more U.S. investment in the country and this is one of the opportunities he had mentioned to me as well.  


I thought you might know of some U.S. firms that might be interested in this opportunity and if so, perhaps we could jointly work with them to help them in the process.  I am attaching a document which details the blocks available.  


I am also copying my partner, Eric Schwerin, who I think you recall from working with us when you were on the Hill, as he may be able to help with any follow up questions you might have.


Let me know if you have any thoughts/questions.


Also, do you know the guys from Pytrole Energy?











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