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2014-03-29 13:07
Pandemic Planning Overview030411.pdf
So a buddy of mine runs a conusulting firm that does corporate strategy and assurance type work - one of his case studies is "Panemic Preparedness" his clients include Goldman, Pfizer, Merck - Fortune 100 types.

Attached is his case study and link to his site.

As you know software companies need integrator partnerships to grow, especially when selling into the large enterprise.  And it's better to start with someone small to learn before you do a deal with E&Y or someone like that.

This could help with business requirements and target use case that MB is trying to figure right now.  I am thinking of connecting Nathan with these guys, what do you think?



On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 8:21 AM, William Lee <> wrote:
Very interesting article.  This is right on the bullseye for Metabiota.

[In a statement, a representative for Google Flu Trends, which now monitors 29 countries, said the service was reviewed every year, with improvements in mind. “We welcome feedback on how we can refine Flu Trends to help estimate flu levels and complement existing surveillance systems.”]

Perhaps they can get feedback from Metabiota?

Check out the demo link below.  This is what Metabiota is building for Munich RE’s insurance product.  The dashboard works on your mobile device too.  here is a rough wire frame and we are very close to finishing or work aligning with Munich RE's work flow – perhaps the biggest win is partnering with Munich RE on insurance product for livestock using our sensor network :-)

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On Mar 28, 2014, at 10:15 PM, Neil Callahan <> wrote:

Two recent research papers, examining Google Flu Trends, offer a critique of big-data analysis.

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