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"Joan Peugh" [email protected]
"R. Hunter Biden" [email protected]
2014-04-16 18:25
1. Does Devon have anything else planned for you in NY on Friday besides that 11am call with Boies and Bursima?  WFP will try to find other press ops if you are interested/available.

2. RSTP/NB Meeting tomorrow 
- you are going there, right?
- can you still do Jim Mower at 10:30am?  And Devon has that call for you at 11am.

3. Kyle Klewin (sorry to keep bugging you about him, just wasn't sure how pressing/important he is)
- can you call him from the train at 4:30pm tomorrow or want to try for Friday on your way home? Or next week?

Joan K. Peugh
Rosemont Seneca Partners
o: 202-333-1880

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