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"Polly Morton"
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2015-01-16 18:25
Thanks Eric!  We will review and get feedback from the writers on the edits next week.


On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 11:21 AM, Eric Schwerin <> wrote:


Attached is an updated version of Hunter’s wikipedia entry.  We made a few edits/additions per our conversation.

I have sourcing for the Melanie Sloan quote we added but don’t have any sourcing for the Amtrak section (we got all that info from Amtrak directly).  Not sure how we get the sourcing - but most of the facts in the paragraph are public and occurred during his tenure so it should be easy to find them someplace in the public domain.   Can you help us with that?  Also feel free to edit that section if you need to.  

Let us know your thoughts and if you want to schedule another call we can talk next week.



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