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"Vadim Pozharskyi"
"Hunter Biden", "Robert Biden", "Devon Archer"
"Alex Kotlarsky"
2015-02-05 07:13
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Dear Hunter,
Following the communication with Devon below and his kind advice, please, find Nikolay's passport and his revoked US visa copy attached.
Hope, it will help.
Thank you,

2015-02-05 4:49 GMT+03:00 Devon Archer <>:
Hunter is checking with Miguel Aleman to see if he can provide cover to Kola on the Visa.  Considering we are having dinner with the Foreign Minister Thursday night we think we have a good shot of smoothing things out.

As follow up please send Hunter an email with all Kola's passport and visa documents and evidence and copy me.  We'll take it from there.

I will also send some process instructions for getting diligence going.

Devon Archer
646 436 3745

> On Feb 5, 2015, at 12:55 AM, Vadim Pozharskyi <> wrote:
> Dear Devon and Alex,
> Hope, you're well.  There's one important issue that I need to get your advice on. The thing is when a Ukrainian citizen goes to Mexico he or she applies for a Mexican visa online and within a week get the visa in a form of an electronic voucher. When he or she flies to Mexico,  the customs officers at the airport verify its validity and grant entry. However, today I was notified by our travel agent about the following situation: a person's American visa has been revoked due to unknown reasons, she applied for a Mexican visa, received it without any problems, flew with her family all the way to Mexico to celebrate the New year and on the border to Mexico was denied entry on the grounds that she some issues with the American embassy and supposedly Mexico and the USA customs authorities share the same database. As a result, she got back to Kyiv on the plane.
> So my query is obvious, since Nikolay also had some issues and his visa was revoked and he hasn't applied for a new one. With this in mind, I feel that there's a risk that he will fly to Mexico and would be denied entry, and in bad mood would be forced to come back. Please advise here.
> And another thing: could you kindly update me as to what needs to be done prior to our meeting with PEMEX?
> Best,
> Vadym

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