To Do List

"Katie Dodge"
2015-04-23 17:40

To Do List: 

  • Geothermal letter – for Burisma

  • Names for Kathleen to send DCVLP invite?

  • Make intro of WFP USA & Peter Kovler (Truman/CNP Board) –waiting for WFP to draft the email.

  • Reminder: Baby/youth photo of you for Twitter & WFP re: Mother’s Day campaign

  • Sponsor list for NDI

  • Schedule calls for Truman/CNP – I have the call sheet printed

  • Revisit Sunshine Sachs training with Devon

Calls - you were going to call Amb. Gitenstein (re:lunch) and Tony Coscia

Katie Dodge
Executive Assistant/ Office Manager
Rosemont Seneca Partners
1010 Wisconsin Ave., NW,  #705
Washington, DC  20007

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