Re: geothermal opportunities and other stuff

"Vadim Pozharskyi"
"Hunter Biden", "Devon Archer"
2015-08-12 05:52

I would like to communicate to you several points listed below: 

1. Geothermal opportunities development: today, I've contacted Klitschko. and, from today on, we're starting the process of incorporating a new legal entity Burisma geothermal Europe, which is going to be a subsidiary of Burisma registered in Cyprus. In this new entity, Klitschko will be our partner/core shareholder. This new entity "Burisma Geothermal Europe", on it part, will become an owner of the geothermal project in Germany and Italy. therefore, here we should consider for you Hunter to become a Chairman of the board/CEO/or any title you consider appropriate.

Please, feel free to offer your opinion. Also, I would like to let you know, as I've already said before, on September 20-23, in Reno, Nevada, will be held an Annual GRC (American Geothermal Association) Meeting and Expo. Here is the link:

In the meantime, I would like to tell you that I am in talks with the organizers of the event re obtaining a sponsor package that would give us a 15 min speaking opportunity. I believe it would be a great chance and indeed very timely for you to start publicly talking about geothermal direction. If you are ok with this idea, I've already started working on presentation and speech for you to deliver. By September 1, I will provide with a draft for your input and mastering.  This speech and presentation will include: history and prospects of geothermal development in Europe, European policy on renewables and geothermal production, geothermal energy as a tool for European energy security. 

2. Burnham Energy Security Fund: we started a legal discussion between our lawyers and legal counsels from your side (through Devon's kind introduction). At the moment, we're working on structure and all related issues. 

Looking forward to your comments re all of the above!

Have a great day, 


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