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"Hunter Biden"
"Devon Archer"
2015-08-21 11:09
We can do the itinerary below but you should tell Vadim we need a charter from DC and back so that we can all be there for Popes arrival- too important to risk missing. And also as chairman of the most aggressive new geothermal company in the world we should have that flexibility- I could care less about flying commercial- I don't have to go through security- but if this is going to work I need to be able to know I can be in Reno one day and back in DC the next.


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From: Joan Mayer <>
Date: August 21, 2015 at 10:00:11 AM EDT
To: "R. Hunter Biden" <>
Subject: Reno flight options

*Per Vadym, need to arrive evening of the 20th and can depart after 3pm on the 21st

1.  12:35PM Depart IAD, 1 hr 19 min layover in Denver, 502pm arrive Reno  (United)
Sept 21- 757pm depart Reno, 1 hr 46 min in LAX, 719am arrive IAD (United)

2.  Sept 20- 3:10pm Depart DCA, 1 hr in ORD, 736pm arrive Reno (American/US Airways)
Sept 21- 735pm Depart Reno, 1.5 hour in LAX, 638am arrive DCA (American/US Airways)

*United has a flight out of DCA that isn't bad, but the return is awful (requires 3 hour + layover in LA and multiple stops)

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