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"Vadym Pozharskyi"
"Eric Schwerin"
"Hunter Biden", "Devon Archer"
2015-11-18 05:56
BS agreement.pdf
Dear Colleagues, 
Please, find attached the signed agreement with BS from our side. Could you kindly have BS countersign it and forward back to me? I would appreciate it. Also, the 60 ths retainer is being wired today. I am kindly asking you to schedule either a conf call or advise us as to the foreseen action plan for November - December 2015, and if anything has been already done by BS, could kindly you ask them to share with us this information?
Thank you, 

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 9:02 AM, Burisma <> wrote:
Dear Eric,
Thank you for your email.
We are ready to proceed with contact execution and will do that.
My kind request would be to have a short call today after you have talked to Sally to discuss and agree on our steps forward/plan until  Christmas time.
Best regards,

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16 нояб. 2015, в 01:16, Eric Schwerin <> написал(а):

Thanks, Vadym.   I know Hunter and Devon are traveling during the earlier part of the week so maybe we should plan for a call Wednesday or Thursday?

In the meantime, we’ll be talking further to Sally tomorrow.

If you are all good with their contract, feel free to go ahead and execute the Blue Star agreement and process their invoice.  They are already working either way.



Eric D. Schwerin
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On Nov 13, 2015, at 1:09 AM, Burials <> wrote:

Gents, today I am traveling from Dubai to Kiev. With 6 hours flight that coincides with your working day hours I might be not available for you.

With regard to our key issues, I would  like to confirm that we would be ready to proceed with BS engagement. It's good that we have got an option at the end of the year to consider wether we continue with them or not. Although, I personally expect and hope that we will cooperate with them for a long period.
As to the next months  activities, delegation visit or visits to Kiev, communications with right people , I shall leave it up to you to discuss and consider among yourself and BS people, realizing that your side and them are best equipped professionals to take take those decisions.
Therefore, I would suggest for us to talk after your consultations with BS on Monday. 
What do you think?

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13 нояб. 2015, в 06:32, написал(а):

We need to all have a talk. Either tomorrow or the latest Monday.

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On Nov 12, 2015, at 12:08 AM, Burisma <> wrote:

Dear Eric,
Thank you for the update and for the progress made so far.
With regard to the trip to Kiev, I would  appreciate if you could convey to Sally, that the trip to Kiev with her meetings with PM and Iaresko only would be ,on my opinion , positive in the long rung. 
But as to  the short and even middle term perspective it will not bring many positive results. 
I believe that if we aim to reach those deliverables that we had discussed during our meeting ( that I also communicated them to you in one of my previous emails) we should stick to our original plan to have that delegation trip to Kiev with somebody heavyweight in addition to Sendwig. 
Within that delegation visit and in addition to key target meetings, I agree, those meetings with her and PM and others would be fruitful.
Let's look forward for the follow up of your communication with Sally early next week.
As to the contract signing, I support the pattern suggested, but let me have some final brief discussions on that and I ll will get back to you shortly. 
And most importantly, would like to thank you again Gents for all your efforts that you are doing in this regard!
Best from Dubai,
Yours  Vadym 

 meetings that she suggested would be 

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12 нояб. 2015, в 03:38, Eric Schwerin <> написал(а):


To follow up on our call earlier this week, Hunter and I spoke to Sally Painter yesterday.  

First, Hunter talked to Sally about the agreement and the desire on your part to evaluate success after two months and not feel locked in to the year long contract if things weren’t going well.   Sally understood and said that that wasn’t a problem.  So, you should feel free to go ahead and execute the agreement as it is written and process the first invoice.  

Second, Sally said she has already had a few meetings on Burisma’s behalf and had some feedback she wanted to give to us offline.  She felt she had some intelligence on why the Ambassador made his comments.  Hunter and I are going to sit down with her on Monday and find out more.

Third, we discussed the potential trip to Kiev in December.  One alternative suggestion that Sally made was for Blue Star to go alone and do some high level government meetings in Kiev as the first step.  She thought that there were points she could make one-on-one with the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, etc. without others in the meeting.  She also thought that she could get some further intelligence from those meetings that we might n ot get with a larger delegation.   She thought the delegation would be a good idea but might be better after these initial meetings.  When we talk to Sally on Monday we’ll get a timeline and plan from her on what she was thinking regarding the Kiev trip(s) and then we can all discuss it more next week.  I know Devon will be seeing her next week as well.  

Let us know if you have any questions.



Eric D. Schwerin
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