RE: Call between Blue Star and Burisma

"Sean Keeley"
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"Karen Tramontano", "Sally Painter", "Pero Jolevski", "Jesica Lindgren"
2015-12-07 13:55

Dear all,


9:30am ET tomorrow seemed to be the best time. I have just sent out an invite for tomorrow’s call, and here are the dial-in details:


Int'l callers: +1-310-372-7549 ; US Callers: 1-866-612-6838 ; Conf Code: 855867.





From: Sean Keeley
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015 11:24 AM
To: Devon Archer; 'Burisma';; Joan Mayer;
Cc: Karen Tramontano; Sally Painter; Pero Jolevski; Jesica Lindgren
Subject: Call between Blue Star and Burisma


Dear all,


At Devon’s request, I am writing to schedule a call between the Blue Star and Burisma teams, preferably tomorrow morning. Given time zone differences, the period between 9 am and 11am EST seems best.


Does 9:30am or 10am ET tomorrow work for everyone? If not, please suggest some other times. Once I have a consensus, I will send out an invite with dial-in information.



Sean Keeley

Blue Star Strategies

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