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"Bedingfield, Kate J. EOP/OVP"
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2016-05-01 22:27
It is excellent. We will move it around to the WH press corps -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Sunday, May 1, 2016 7:51 PM To: mark gitenstein <>; Ricchetti, Steven J. EOP/OVP <>; Jeff Peck <>; Hunter Biden <>; mike donilon <>; Alex Snyder-Mackler <>; Robert Hoopes <>; Bedingfield, Kate J. EOP/OVP <>; Valerie Biden Owens <>; CHRIS SCHROEDER <>; Mark Angelson <> Subject: Great column Wow!! >< Sent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App �ioz�"�}tzw(v)�Q1| �`�)�+-=@K /��e{��L3�!$����6m������W��o�L;?>�)z�r.+-�Gmv�b��ޮȨ�]��d{'(����쬶���M4�M?��� ��'���jب�'�좞נz�6�}��{^���{'Z��Z���{��G��{^����)�z���j׫yǢ���좞נz�x�my۞��)�z��쟕�,�G��{^�����5��8������G��騵��G���� �ߎx��k�x?v'-��b�

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