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"Eric Schwerin" [email protected]
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2016-08-22 11:32
Let’s discuss.  Caryn Suffredini was contacted to see if she had a contact with CEFC.  If we can make the connection we can take a percentage of the sale.

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From: Caryn Suffredini <[email protected]>
Subject: Oil transaction CEFC China Energy
Date: August 16, 2016 at 4:50:41 PM EDT
To: Eric Schwerin <[email protected]>

Teo is considering a processing of abt 2 M bbl / month of Crude ‎in Petromidia refinery (Constanta-acquisition deal to close in Oct according to media articles). 

He is bringing the Crude, process in the refinery, He pays the Processing fee and the oil products belong to him. 

As an alternative if a "trade" required, he could exchange the Crude ‎with oil products like Kerosene ( JP 54) , gasoline, Gasoil ( diesel) based on a negotiable exchanged rate. 

In any case, there are enough details to be considered and for the moment, is important to open a door for discussions and to do business together with them, wherever format. 

Caryn Suffredini,CFA

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