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"Robert Biden" [email protected]
2017-11-08 21:58
Kevin- excuse the informality of this letter tone passed along but I wanted token names out. Please pass along and if you shanty exdit anything please let me know. Also let me3 know when our Hong Kong friend is free.  Thanks, Hunter

Dear Partner, 

I hope you and your family are well.  I look forward to seeing you at your home in New York next week.  I have much to report regarding our partnership here in the US.  My uncle and myself are grateful for your wisdom of including Kevin and Mervyn in this endeavor. We all have been working hard to make our new company a great success.

To that end, I hope that you have received the information I sent regarding the LNG opportunities  in the state of Louisiana.  We began to investigate the opportunities in. United States well before the public announcement by the Chinese government of its interest in Natural Gas imports from around the world.  

I specifically want to speak about a framework by which our partnership can operate in the natural gas business.  This framework would fill the short term needs of CEFC by providing off take contracts for large quantities of LNG at very competitive rates while also advancing the long term goals of CEFC through a partnership or acquisition of a promising LNG terminal project in Louisiana. The proposal I have shared with you has the added benefit of being good for both the United States and China simultaneously.

I was hoping that we would see one another today in Shanghai, but I fully understand the fluidity of our schedules.  Nevertheless, time is of the essence. Therefore, I suggest with all due respect that you send your team of LNG and infrastructure experts ahead of you to New York/ Huston or the proposed partner in this deal could send his team to Shanghai in the immediate. They could begin the due dilegence process and possibly have a completed report before you arrive. Then we could use at least part of our meeting in New York next week making decisions and executing rather than explaining and debating the proposal.    

Please let me know your decision regarding this at your earliest convenience. I trust your judgment will be wise regardless of the direction you choose to steer us.

Finally, [I am making inquiries regarding arranging a meeting for you with the Chairman of Cheniere. I will let you know as that develops.

Safe travels and best wishes my friend, 


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