RHB Reading Club #2 + 2018 Business Ideas + Small Desk Deco

"JiaQi Bao"
"Robert Biden", "Hunter Biden"
2018-01-08 04:25

Happy New Year, Hunter!

Enjoying my last day of vacation before going back to work tomorrow.  Interesting reading, new thoughts, and surprise for you accomplished over the last week of vacation time.  Please let me know your thought! :D

1.       RHB Reading Club 2018 Reading #2

            How did you like Reading #1 that I sent to you via Wechat?

Just read this today:

One of my New Year’s Wishes is that you could drink less…the latest study published by Nature shows that alcohol is cancerogenic!  Please don’t have your family and friends who care about you worry much about your health.  I will do anything and everything to make you happy so that alcoholic beverages’ widely believed mythical function as a stress reliever won’t be an excuse for indulgence!

If alcohol is truly an effective stress reliver, then I’m the one who really needs to practice how to drink wisely, haha...I hope we could communicate more often in 2018…Sometimes, there are so many things I want to talk to you and pick your brain, but not been able to reach you timely or talk to you right away can cause much anxiety and it is something I have not yet get used to.  Then when I do see you, I don't know where to start anymore as there are too many thoughts i want to tell you.  I really hope you have more faith and trust in me.  As I don’t know the whole picture, what others say, and what you perceive and what you think, but do know that sometimes what you perceive or hear from other people might not always be the full picture, what one thing sounds likes / seemed like, might be different from the reality.  Recently, I learned this lesson in my personal life when I misunderstood and misperceived a friend.  Because of that, I value the direct, straight-forward, even confrontational communication between friends even more – I’m glad I confronted her with specifics, and that hard conversation helped cleared miscommunication and misperception, saved our friendship.  I wish to talk to you directly about something…when you have time.  I’m always an open book to you, but I don’t know when you have time to read me.  As you know, I believe in the fortuneteller’s omen about we are each other’s lucky star. Moreover, you have such a charismatic personality and I know you are a super nice person that I'm naturally draw to, so you know, I have your best interest at heart and I want to do something for you to show my appreciation.  Besides, as you are also my lucky star, helping you is helping myself, but I don’t know how and what to do when you always have no time for me :(

Sentiment asides, I also want to propose a few things to you about business.  Please let me know your thought   

2.       New Year’s Business Idea for Hudson West

A.      Research: I mentioned to you about the idea of “selling research” or having Hudson West research publication as a “paid service / billable deliverable” to the mothership or any other partners.  I hope to discuss more with you in detail about this idea, especially with thoughts on how to implement it.  On another note, I have not forgot to translate my 50+ page Chinese report on natural gas into English for you, but before the holiday season vacation, I was caught up by one assignment after another task at the office. So I planned to do a good job with the translation by using my own personal time and vacation time, and give you a surprise when I come back from vacation.  However, I’m very sorry for disappointing you that I only finished 25% of my original plan over vacation, this was because I got sick from a very bad cold and I had a small emergency to deal with to help my brothers.  Nevertheless, I will try to finish it up for you in my personal time ASAP.  Promise our mini-book on natural gas is very comprehensive and practical :)

B.      My personal contact whom I hope to introduce to you + potential deals for Hudson West: Through my previous work experience, I have built a few professional and personal connections whom I felt might be helpful for us to talk to for potential deals/ideas for Hudson West.  For instance, my family friend David Eldon, chairman of HSBC Middle East and board of director of Noble Group might be a person I think would worth your time to talk to.  Besides explore possibility for business collaboration, he might be a good conservationist with interesting ideas that might benefit our business.  Same thing with a couple of my other contacts in the energy sector, such as Joy Bhaswar of Natixis + my other Natixis contacts and friends.  As such, I listed below the organizations and contacts that I think that you might found interesting.   I wanted to tell you right before taken off for vacation, but it is very hard to reach you and I know you must be busy with other obligations, especially right before the holiday season.  I did mention a couple, not all, of the contacts below to Kevin and Mervyn.  Did not talk much about detailed thought (want to talk to you more first), just simply mentioned the idea of potentially acquire something that Noble might be selling.  Kevin is especially interested in getting to know a bit more about Noble and David Eldon.  However, I want to discuss with you to see if you would be interested and whether this is something we should explore in 2018.  And I won’t do anything yet, until I hear from you.   

C.      Noble (energy and commodity trading) - David

D.      HSBC (general) - David

E.       Natixis (energy, infrastructure, real estate) – Joy/Jerry

F.       KLS Diversified (distressed energy) - Aileen    

3. � �     Your New Desk Toys ;P

It was so not nice for you ditch the hard-to-get appointment!  I have to apologies 10 thousand times to him!  And I lost my deposit :( especially given I’m the kind of person don’t even like to lose a penny when I could avoid.  I did my best to find a couple of auspicious fengshui desk toys especially for you.  You will see them on your desk next time when you are in office.  I bought them with my own money as a gift to you, but I don’t want to anyone in the office to know about your lucky charms on the desk, so if anyone ask (especially the noisy office manager), I will just say they are my random toys for decorative purposes (but they are really for you and they are not just for decorative purposes but auspicious fengshui charms).  Will explain to you about each item’s purpose and setup when you have time over the phone or in person.   I couldn’t get all the toys, because there are certain ones I have not get a chance to find and other very specific ones that it is required for you to ask the master in person, a little weird for me to ask as the master might felt like a violation of your privacy without having your consent in person.  Nevertheless, we will be super lucky in 2018!    

See you in 2018!



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