Currently Due & List of Bills

"Katie Dodge" [email protected]
"Robert Biden" [email protected]
2019-01-14 16:27
Hunter's Bills 2018-2019.pdf
Hi Hunter - Attached is a PDF of what I know about for bills. I hope this helps. If you prefer a different format please let me know. Also - highlighted below is a list of current bills due (not including tax obligations, George’s payment or Bill Morgans payment which you have asked me to hold off on) Hope all is well. Thanks - Katie Currently Due: Sloan Storage - $1560 (two months) Sidwell - $4244.70 Upenn - $28,600.64 Health Insurance - $2238 Ford Raptor - Reimbursement to JRB - $1380 AT&T - $460 - RHB phones Yale Club - $318 116 Club - $60 Pay Day 15th of Jan - $1500 (Katie) - $1000 (Erin) — PS Erin would like an update on her situation if you get the chance. thanks.

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