My first draft of Biden Center proposal - June 2016

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"Ted Kaufman"
2016-11-27 11:09

To: Board of Directors of JRB Foundation

From: VBO

Date: 6/16/16

RE:  Suggested 6 Month Plan for JRB Foundation and UD


There are 3 principle entities that the Biden Foundation and UD need to integrate.

ü  The Library,

ü  The School of Public Policy –

ü  The Biden Center


Of these 3 entities, two already exist at the University – UD Library, and UD School of Public Policy.


The Biden Center will be a new construction and a new venue. It is our intention, (Biden  Foundation ) that The School of Public Policy be renamed the Biden School of P.P.,  and  our suggestion that the existing Library house the Papers from the Senate and VP offices.


Issues that must be decided about the Center:


Division of Space

ü  How much space will there be in the building for the Biden Foundation

o   The temporary building until the Center is completed- post 1/21/17

o   The Biden Center to be constructed

ü   How much space will be dedicated to the existing School of PP in each building

ü  Where will the papers be housed – in the existing Library or in the Biden Center


Financial  Responsibility

ü  How much money will UD allocate to Biden Foundation,

ü  How long will it take from when the UD is given names for staff, until such staff will be on the UD payroll- post 1/21/17

ü  How much money will UD commit annually for staff ( 2 ½ M? )


Once there is an understanding about the physical space and a firm commitment to the financial underpinning of the Center, then the mission of the Foundation must be established, i.e. what are the goals and objectives of the Center?  What functions should it provide? Then,  the Plan must be developed to implement the message.


It is essential that we have an informed view of existing Centers/ Institutes/ Museums to see how they operate, and what does and does not work.  


Next, we need to meet with architects who have the eye of a curator, and the grit of a contractor. I have several firms in mind to visit.


We need to hire staff, and establish a Board of Directors.


VBO Proposed Schedule:


Immediate Action:


ü  Regular meetings w/ UD command team to confirm agreement

ü  Visits to existing Centers throughout the country

ü   Visits to architects to begin to coordinate mission and message with space allocation

ü  Meet with current facility member of UD School of PP, Ed Freel to get a sense of that institution


After 1/21/17 - Implement Plan


ü  Hire architect

ü  Hire staff


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